Drum, dance, language, foods, culture in Guinea

Visa & Passport Information

Trip Preparations

Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Guinea. Apply for the visa well in advance at the appropriate Embassy in your country.


Vaccinations and Medications

Yellow fever vaccination is obligatory. Malaria prophylaxes is necessary for all students on this trip. You will have many choices of a tablet to take. Meningitis vaccine is recommended. I also recommend Hep A and B shots. Your Travel Clinic will help you decide which is best. Further information about immunization should be obtained from your doctor and immunization should be commenced well ahead of travel.

Basic Steps


• Get your passport ready. At least 6 mos validation and a few blank pages left.


• Ask me all the questions you want. I am here for you. 001.617.686.6080


• Register.


• Get your $500.- check deposit made out to 'Alan Tauber' to me by November 10th.


• Decide how you want to fly and from which airport. (together as a group, alone or with a friend. Let me know.


There will probably be 4 categories of fliers:

  • Those who want the most inexpensive route.
  • Those who want the most direct and fastest route with fewer stopovers.
  • Those who want to travel as a group out of Boston (in whichever choice as above).
  • Those who will be traveling from their closest large airport anywhere in the world.

• Decide, with our assistance, if you want travel insurance. I highly recommend it.


• I will have all of your info to get you a letter of invitation from Mamady Kourouma and send it to you.


• Secure your RT airline ticket or let us do it for you (best way). 


• Send out the necessary info and papers to the appropriate Embassy in US or in your part of the world or a Travel Document Service. 


• Wait.


• Receive your passport with visa attached. 


• Pack your bags and we go! Bag packing should really start a more than a month before you leave your country.


Remember, there are little things that must be filled out correctly and with our support you will answer the questions correctly and not have any problems. But you have to be consistant with your answers. There is a cost for your visa and mailing to and from an embassy. Make it trackable since your passport will be in that envelope!

Trip to Africa! Drum, Dance, more with Mamada Wadaba Kourouma & DrumConnection and our staff of handpicked teachers, best security, completely medical ready to handle any possible situation, and my favorite African chefs for 20 years now! 

January 7, 2021 - January 28, 2021

Join us for an amazing time together in an African village!

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