You may wish to make purchases while in Guinea, of djembe, dunun, jewelry, masks, sticks, shakers, etc. for yourself or to give as gifts when you return home. As you will make many new friends in Guinea, you may wish to give gifts to those taking care of you while we are there. You also may bring gifts from home. (More about this in your email packets after registration.) 


Having some extra cash, if possible, is actually necessary! We will recommend how much on an individule basis, again later. 


One thing.... you will learn the art of negotiation! It is a sight to see, hear and behold!


Buying fabric is a very common thing that almost all of us do. Then we select a local tailor and have some tops and bottoms, or a wrap or 5 or 6 made. It is good to bring business to the people of Africa while we are there and you will score some incredible bargains! Plan accordingly.