Dance classes will be available for everyone and arranged during the part of the day when it is not as hot. Drummers may play for dance classes. While you do not have to dance (due to a disability or such) it is a good idea to attend the classes anyway and really open your eyes to the connection of the drum and dance.


You will learn a LOT! The rhythms lie in the dance and the songs of Guinea. The movement and the rhythms are interwoven in a way that only a trained master or specialist dancer/drummer can see and experience.


We will take some of the mystery out of the drummers role as soloist for dance, in dance classes if you're up to it!


You can wear sandals or shoes to dance but most people dance in bare feet.


Professional village dance will be taught by teachers hand picked for us by Wadaba in Oroko, his village.




Other Instruments

Concert with the local drummers and dancers of Simbaya in Conakry 2012 on our last trip. Mamady Kourouma on lead djembe.

Trip to Africa! Drum, Dance, more with Mamada Wadaba Kourouma & DrumConnection and our staff of handpicked teachers, best security, completely medical ready to handle any possible situation, and my favorite African chefs for 20 years now! 

January 7, 2021 - January 28, 2021

Join us for an amazing time together in an African village!

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