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Oroko Village, Guinea
Oroko Village, Guinea


Classes in Drum will be 5 days a week. Many afternoons we will have dance classes as people wish. Drum Classes will include proper tone production, feel, relaxation, speed, rolls, solos, traditional rhythms, songs and the cultural context of the rhythms. We may add in a ballet style arrangement and definitely the echauffements! 

Dance Classes will be available to those who want them and arranged during the part of the day when it is not as hot. Drummers may play for dance classes where appropriate. Balafon classes are also part of our tour as is the fula flute. These classes will be set up depending upon interest from you, our students. You may also just sit back and let us produce the event for you.




The food will be traditional African fare! You may enjoy chicken, beef, goat and lots of fresh fish from the Atlantic. There are always fresh vegetables and delicious fresh fruit. Vegetarian meals will always be available for you. Food will be prepared at the compound in a traditional kitchen, as you will see. The cooking goes on ALL day! If you like it spicy, we do spicy! Or tame if you must. We can accommodate all food testes and allergies.


There is always bottled water available for purchase, highly recommended. Many surprises too! Can’t tell you everything:) Food on our outings is a slight bit extra. 



We will organize some of the best talent for you. You'll definitely want to bring a point and shoot camera or a video camera as well. (Not sure that you should bring your $1,000.- iPhone! Not sure you should bring an expensive computer) These concerts, when they happen out of the blue it seems, are just amazing. You will see some incredible drumming and dancing from different areas of Guinea, Mail, The Gambia and other areas, if possible. All is dependent upon availability and the situation on the ground in Guinea. We may have very limited electric in the village. Bring a solar charger for smartphones, if you want to bring yours. No guarantee that we will have cell satellite but we will be able to make and receive calls. We highly suggest getting OFF the grid and experience the villages as they were meant to be.


Every 3-4 days we will have the next day OFF. These OFF days may be perfect for further musical study with a specialist in the instrument you love or perfect for a vacation day, to help transcribe rhythms or to go for a hotel swimming pool adventure!


For the price of the trip please contact us. This trip includes:

• Transport on the ground in Guinea (side trips a little extra, taxis are recommended)

• Lodging, based on double occupancy. Some singles may be available. Early registration recommended.

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared exquisitely by chefs to your liking - African food prepared just for you.

Drumming classes 5 days a week, dancing, balafon and language classes arranged by request. (sometimes, a little extra or a tip).

• Transport to and from Airport.



• Call or contact for trip costs. We have these options:

-10 Day Trip: $1,295.- 

- Full 21 Day Trip: $1,650.-

(not including Airfare) We help you find best flight prices.

-30 Day extended (balafon intensive with Abou Sylla Add $450.- to the above costs.

Video of Fadouba Oularé (passed), Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keita

Trip to Africa! Drum, Dance, more with DrumConnection and our staff of teachers and cooks!

January 10, 2019 - January 29, 2019

Join us for an amazing time together!

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