Trip to Africa with Grandmaster of the Djembe - Famoudou!

"A single journey can change the course of your life"


Famoudou Konaté invites us to study djembe, dunun, dance and more in Guinea this January 2016. Alan Tauber & DrumConnection present: Drumming, Dance & MANDE Music in West Africa with THE Grandmaster of the Djembe and Dunun... yes the totally amazing Famoudou Konaté!

Video of Famoudou Konaté.

Famoudou Konaté

We plan to make two (or more) side trips on our non-drumming days. We will decide this in the near future. You will be able to buy jewelry, fabric and visit tailors to have fitted close made for you, your friends and family and even your complete performance troupe!


Alan Tauber, Director of DrumConnection has family in Simbaya Gare a stones’ throw away from Famoudou Konaté's home. I plan to visit my family during the trip. It will be my pleasure to introduce you to my Mom and my Dad and my sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles.


Famoudou has selected the best teachers who are patient, kind and truly passionate about the music.


Some nights you will enjoy candlelight when there is no 

electricity. You will see the Moon and Stars like never before as we are very near the equator. The days are warm and it usually cools down a little at night with a slight ocean breeze.


When you register you will receive detailed advice and support on what to bring in a comprehensive list that will be provided in a few emails. We can also send by post, if necessary.

With proper Travel Clinic advice from your doctor, and the mosquito nets provided and a little bug spray at hand, any mosquitoes should not be a problem. In January, the days and nights tend to be a bit cooler and the mosquitoes a bit less. A sorcerer lives nearby and if he’s available, we’ll make a trip to speak with him about any health concerns. Extra mosquito netting can be used to make screens for the windows, with some duct tape!


DrumConnection has connections with many people in the area who can be helpful to us. You will be treated very well as we create a family together! There are traditional healers and more modernized hospitals and a great doctor from Germany if we need care. Also, really good doctors that we know and have used their services before are readily available to us. But a safe trip is what we expect!

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